This is the story of my journey trying to lose over 70 pounds, regain my life, and hopefully help others have success doing the same thing.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi... remember me?

(he said as if anyone actually reads this...)

SO... about a year ago, I get this bright idea to lose a bunch of weight and blog about it as I went.  Since I was gonna go from a rather rotund 270 pounds to a (relatively) svelte 200, I titled it "From 270 to 200."  As anyone who actually READS this has found, I started late and actually got up to 278 before I started, making the title rather inaccurate. 

All went well for about three months.  I lost about 20 pounds by exercising more and eating less.  Then you'll notice a break in the blog.  A long break. 

It all started with a case of strep throat.  I was actually on an exercise bike at a hotel in Indianapolis when the battery on my phone/MP3 player died.  I went up to my room to get my backup when MY battery died.  I suddenly felt like someone hit me with a truck.  I could barely get the energy to walk across my room, much less finish my workout.  The next week was REALLY the pits since a) the docs at the MedStop were SURE it wasn't strep (though they had no better diagnosis) so I lived with it till the end of the weekend when my REAL doctor could look at me and b)since the strep had set in completely, it was very tough to kick.

The GOOD part about that (there was a good part?) was that I lost about another 5 pounds, and got all the way down to 250.  Unfortunately, that was the beginning of the way back up.  I didn't feel like working out for a LONG time, and then once I COULD have worked out, well.... I didn't.  Just couldn't seem to get motivated.  Of course, at first, the weight stayed off, so heck... not so bad, huh?

Then the weight started to come back.  But it was only a pound or two--nothing to worry about.

Ice cream.... my downfall will always be ice cream.  I'm an addict.  There should be a 12-step program.  And the fact that Kroger has AWESOME cookies and cream ice cream (which just to make it worse is about the cheapest in the store) didn't help.  So I started the climb back up.

Welcome back.  Back to 270 (plus) again.  After losing 28 pounds in 38 days (plus one strep infection), I bottomed out, and took 10 months to go right back where I started.  So now it's time to start over. 

Shall we begin?